The Magnetic Lasso Tool – Photoshop Cs6| Transparent Background

In this video you will learn how to use the magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop to remove background. very easy few steps. Please Subscribe if you find this lesson helpful.

welcome to another quick tutorial intro
to show element
well industry Dr showing you how to use

selection tools so you have possibility
of course

selecting what quick selection to and
quick solution to
terms with to options sure
was here this is selection brash

and it means Lee you were you were you
rouse your whenever you have your car so
that’s where it’s going

slick so sites take is slicked
there so that’s not so much us
also time but sometime it can be use

and then you have t

quick selection tool which means

that its licks and kid
its also you can call it magnetic
quelques magnetic quick selection tool

magnetic slick shit what it does is

it on the snakes where it is strongly
color industries you can see so
selecting but there were a few
it command d or come true
deal Windows Monday on Mike that’s going
to be slipped

selections example year justice

it and so as you see this I
just select and then it on his legs area
where it is strong urges

the color you can and iris you look here

use taking care to and of course
earlier if you want to this is the

you can resize it so if you have small
size it’s going to
select some parts
so it’s always better to have it smaller

and and you can get it selection
example here you see its taking its
coming over because over it
Sears bright light
color thats so example if I make to
Russian more small and maybe I can get
bird well
still so
sent example if I E
just the and just before I E
to when before I continue
and is this one as well you can hosted
lasso tune you can sleep with this one
as well

and you also have the magnetic yes
with business magnetic unity 2d
two’s and in
it works almost like quick selection
tool good is you have more control that

you can just

to you have more control to
to give

to slicked let places that you want


you see if I E just to this it

just committed grubbs it on either area
where there’s strong
she’s colors and


closes and cut it gets

your butt to issue versus which is

you go to image and no actually

go to years
and verses
and assorted units here select in shift

I unmarked come true shift

I Windows and converses

so now slated 1
the background as got andrea is selected

not cause you see it you know

thank you because or years and park so

if its unlocked it was locked

but if you and your continued
transparent America

so said but you can also use

the Quick Selection muscle to which is

right here you select so

so this is very manual sleep

and so this takes more time

and you have more more control this and
you can select

but and just slick dangerously but you

more details in

and then they go and then University
command I mean

X Scott so

Monday d slicked and you also have

yes so dieser and of course

they have a lot of options which you
can’t do it
just keep it as the default as is
good work on that in it
that will keep your result

so basically that’s it so I really hope
you learned something from this tutorial
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to my channel
and see you for the next who knows chick
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and other tree thanks for watching
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