Photoshop Tutorial – Path Selection Tool

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In this video, Mahalo’s Photoshop expert Justin Zagri gives a tutorial on the Path Selection Tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

About the Path Selection Tool

The Path Selection Tool is a simple and handy tool that allows you to move around your path selections. A path selection is something you created either with the Pen Tool or the Shape Tool that can allow you to create new layers or masks that allow for fully controllable selections.

Using the Path Selection Tool

To use, first select it by clicking on the appropriate icon in the left side tool bar. Then, click and drag on a previously-made path to move it around. If you wish to make more exact movements up, down, left or right, press and hold Shift while you click and drag.

If you want to make a Duplicate of the selection, press and hold Alt/Option while you click on the path.

If you want to quickly access this tool’s sister, the Direct Selection Tool, press and hold Ctrl/Command, then click with the mouse. The will allow you to manipulate points in your selection.

The tool is most effective when used with the rest of the path tools and serves as more of a support tool than anything else.

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