Photoshop CS6 – How to remove Red Eye in Photoshop CS6 (Photoshop CS6 Tutorial)

How to remove Red Eye in photoshop CS6 [Photoshop CS6 Tutorial) HD.
This tutorial video shows you how to remove red eye using the Red Eye Tool in photoshop CS6 or any other version of photoshop like CS5,CS4,CS3, you can also remove red eye with The Color Replacement Tool or the Brush Tool. Red eye is caused by a reflection of the camera flash in the subject’s retina. this is really an issue that comes up a lot, especially for what I would call home users, you know, people taking photos of family members in casual situations or maybe weddings or you know, this sort of thing, birthday parties and red eye is a big deal. If you don’t now, red eye is caused when the camera’s flash bounces off the back of the retina and back into the camera lens and you know, camera manufacturers have wrestled with this.I think you’re really going to love this Red Eye Removal Tool inside Photoshop because it basically gets rid of all that stuff and just makes the process of removing red eye very easy.So it’s great that Photoshop gives us so many can easily fix your photograph in 5minutes without having to take another photo or let your current one go to waste.Removing red eye is quick and easy, and can be done in 3 simple steps.


1-open picture in photoshop CS6 or any other version of photoshop like CS5,CS4,CS3
2-In RGB Color mode, select the Red Eye tool.
3-now with the use of this tool click on the red eye area.
4- thats it. you are done.

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