Learn Adobe Photoshop – Move Tool

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In this video, Mahalo expert Justin Z. briefly explains how the Move tool works in Photoshop.

Move Tool

The Move tool serves as the foundation of Photoshop. You’ll using this tool to move images around your canvas, move them from one canvas to another and move around your selected images or layers.

The Move tool can move your image around by clicking and dragging with your mouse. This is useful when you have multiple images or layers on the canvas (which is the window holding the image). 

It’s important to note that the Move tool cannot move an image if it is the background. To check, look at the Layers window and see if the image in question is in the background. If so, you cannot move it within the canvas. What you
can do, instead, is move the image to a separate canvas.1. To do so, Open a new image, then click and drag the image you want from the first canvas to the new canvas. When you do this, the image becomes a layer in the new canvas and can be moved around. This applies to all other layers in your original image.2. In the top menu above the tool bar are the Options available for the Move tool.

* Auto-Select allows you to move separate layers without using the Layers tool bar on the right hand side. When it is activated, click on any layer to move or manipulate it. When it is off, you can only move around one layer no matter where you click. When you’re dealing with multiple layers on a single canvas, turning this option off is very helpful.
* Show Transform Controls basically allows you to resize the image in multiple ways. You can change the height, width and rotation of the image. Be careful about having this option on because you might accidentally transform the image when you simply meant to move it.

You can do everything this tool offers with only your mouse, but the keyboard offers convenience for you to do your job faster.3. To access the Move tool with your keyboard, press V. To access this tool only to perform a move action once, press Ctrl+Mouse (Command+Mouse for Mac). Once you let go of the key, the Move tool goes back to your previous tool.4. To move your image in a more constrained fashion, press and hold Shift, then click and drag with your mouse. This will only allow you to move the image up and down or side to side. This allows you to be a little more precise with your movements.5. If you wish to move more precisely, you can choose to move your image in increments of single pixels or 10 pixels. 6. To move the image in a direction 1 pixel over, press and hold Ctrl+Arrow keys (Command+Arrow keys for Mac).7. To move the image by 10 pixels, press and hold Shift+Ctrl+Arrow keys (Shift+Command+Arrow keys for Mac).8. If you press and hold Alt+Mouse (Option+Mouse for Mac) and then drag, you will automatically create a duplicate of the same image, which serves as a new layer. Be sure that the layer you want to duplicate is selected.

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