Learn Adobe Photoshop – Count Tool

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In this video, Mahalo expert Justin Z. gives a brief overview of the Count tool and how it can be used in Photoshop.

Count Tool

The Count tool is more or less a reference tool that allows you to put labels for yourself or for presentation purposes on your image. There isn’t much more to it other than simply labeling pieces of your image. 
1. To access this tool, click and hold the Eyedropper tool in the tool bar, then drag down to the Count tool at the bottom. You can also access this same tool by pressing Shift+I and holding until it cycles to the tool of your choice.2. To label, simply click anywhere on the image you want. Numbers will appear sequentially. You can number as many times as you want, and you can delete each number by accessing your history window, but you cannot move them.3. You also have the option of manipulating the numbers. You can change the size and color of both the markers and numbers by accessing the top Options panel.4. You can also name the grouping of numbers and save them as a separate file.  5. To clear all of your numbers, simply press Clear.6. To trash a grouping, press the Trash can icon. This will only work after you have saved a number group. 7. This also works for the Measurement Recording option as well. Check out the Ruler tool video for info on how to use it.

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