Learn Adobe Photoshop – Color Sampler Tool

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Mahalo expert Justin Z. gives a tutorial on the Photoshop color sampler tool.

About the Color Sampler Tool

The Color Sampler Tool is related to the Eyedropper Tool but with a few more options for reference. Instead of your Eyedropper Tool taking a sample and changing your foreground or background colors, you can sample up to four different areas on your image. 

Using the Color Sampler Tool

1. To access this tool, click on the eyedropper icon in the 
Tool Bar (leftmost side of your screen). This will prompt a menu where the Color Sampler Tool is second from the top. As you take samples, the Info Panel on the right side of your screen will give you readings on color information. You can also see readings on different color samples as you make changes to the image compared to the original color settings. 
2. De-selecting requires an extra keystroke. Hold the Option key (Mac) or the Alt key (PC) and click one of the samples. You can also click the Eyedropper Tool + holding Shift and clicking — it has the exact same affect. 

3. To delete, hold down Shift in conjunction with Alt or Option and then click. 

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