Adobe Photoshop CS6 Video Correcting Color Cast

Barry Kidd Photography

This video can be viewed in HD up to 1080p

The tutorial video below entitled Adobe Photoshop Video Correcting Color Cast, is intended to help you correct multiple color cast issues quickly and easily.

Multiple color cast in the same image typically occurs when you have two different light sources each with a different temperature value. For example, if you have an interior incandescent light that is 3200 K and north window light that may vary anywhere from 6,000 — 9,300 K you are going to have problems. One half of the image will be yellow and the other half of the image will be deep blue. Sometimes this effect is pleasing. Most of the time it’s just downright annoying.

Another example of multiple color cast that is more common would be a wide-angle shot that includes two rooms. One room is lit with warm pleasing incandescent while the adjacent room is lit florescent light. As we know florescent like always results in the putrid green cast is hard on the eyes.

In this tutorial we will use color range selection, quick mask, hue saturation adjustment layers. We will also use curves adjustment layers, clipping mask, layer groups. Last make changes to layer opacity that will bring it all together. All and all it’s a relatively simple and quick process. With a bit of tweaking however we can achieve very realistic and very pleasing results.