Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial :- Quick Selection Tool Making image background Transparent
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial :- Quick Selection Tool Making Transparent Background

In Photoshop CS5, Adobe kicked it up a notch with Content-Aware Fill. This new feature gave users the ability to remove objects from their images, allowing Photoshop to fill in the selected area with what should have been there instead.

While this feature worked quite well in many circumstances, this wasn’t perfect. When working with selections that were in close proximity to other objects, Content-Aware Fill tended to grab bits and pieces of the surrounding objects, as seen below.
Now, in Photoshop CS6, the Patch Tool now has a Content-Aware option on the Options Bar. This allows you to tell Photoshop which area of the image to sample. Just like the Patch Tool in previous versions, dragging your selection on top of a ‘clean’ area will tell Photoshop to replace your selection with that area. In this case, the clear sky to the left of the castle. This will avoid any unnecessary sampling.

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