Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Digital Photo Restoration #2 – Timelapsed

Hi. This is the second work of a series that I’m doing. The original time of work was 5h21 minutes. The mais focus was the subjects, but I tried to keep the “background” cleaner as possible. As you may have noticed I used textures to optimize the subjects’ clothes, this is an uncommon method, but if done correctly it won’t destroy your image’s original look too much.

Music: Dj Fabio – Contradiction;
Interactive Noise -Time & Space (Sideform Remix);
Neelix – Wagga Wagga.

(If, somehow I’ve crossed some lines and you find the use of your work innapropriate, just send me a note and I’ll do whatever it’s necessary.

Check the full result at:

All the best,

Thyago Leal.