Adobe Photoshop CC – replace Background – Quick Selection Tool – refine edge tool

How to cut an IMAGE or PICTURE, using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC/CS6, and how to save it as TRANSPARENT PNG. In addition to use it in another BACKGROUNDS. Alternatively, in other web designs and projects. For your websites or another type of compositions. This Photoshop tutorial aimed at beginners. Just to learn in easy way and in simple steps. How to use adobe Photoshop software. In this tutorial. I use the newest version of PHOTOSHOP/ ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC.BY ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD. Download ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC by adobe creative cloud free for 30 days. After that, you got a purchase a subscription to continue to use it with FREE UPDATES. How to cut a picture or image with Photoshop and save/export it as transparent png/png format. How to cut an image or picture with adobe Photoshop cs6/cc and how to save it as transparent png. In addition, to use it in another backgrounds or in other web designs and projects. In addition, save as png by the default PHOTOSHOP option. Alternatively, download SUPER PNG.ADOBE PHOTOSHOP PLUGIN by Fnordware Company.
Download adobe Photoshop cc – h
Download super png (adobe Photoshop plugin) –
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