Adobe Photoshop CC “Note Tool and Notes Panel” NSL WEEK 106

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This video gives you a quick tour of the Note Tool and the Notes Panel for Adoobe Photoshop. This video shows Photoshop CC but it also applies to earlier versions. Once you have the Note Tool activated, click on the area you would like to pin your note. If you didn’t put it in the exact place you intended, you can just click and drag to reposition it. While you’re in the Note Tool, in your Options Bar, you can enter an author name for your note, change the color of your note icon, clear all notes, and at the end there’s a button to toggle the Notes Panel on/off. In the Notes panel you can type in your text, use the left and right arrows to select the previous or next notes, and delete selected notes. If you don’t want to see the notes but you don’t want to delete them, the layers panel won’t help you. You have to go to View + Show + Notes and you can deactivate them there.